What is the Healthiest Indian Food to Order?

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Let’s face it. We all have cravings for outside food now and then. So what if you are in a situation where you have the necessity of eating outside. Now, when it comes to outside food, there are a lot of options out there for us to choose from. While the fried and oily food from the street walla may take a toll on us, it is wiser to go for healthier food options.

Indian cuisine is undoubtedly the most delicious cuisine in the world. Its tempting aroma, vibrant colors, and rich taste make it stand ahead from the rest. It is also loaded with healthy ingredients and rich in flavor. It’s hard to go wrong making the best food choices at Indian restaurants. You just need to know what to look for and what to avoid.

Indian foods are actually healthy, but we often don’t look at the healthy part of the food while ordering. And thus this article. Next time the powerfully exotic flavor of Indian food is what you’re craving, give priority to these foods on your list.

1. Stick With Lentils

Lentils may sound boring but you’ll be surprised if you know the number of nutrients that are packed in it. They come in a variety of colors such as red, green, brown, yellow and they add colors to the salad. They have a lot of antioxidants and helps in protecting ourselves from heart diseases. Order for Dal Makhani or Dal Tadka.

2.Choose Tandoori over Fried

Tandoori dishes adds tanginess and flavor to the meal. Unlike fried food, they are marinated and baked. The oil content is very low and so it becomes a better choice to opt for when you crave a fancy chicken-based meal.

3. Go for more Vegetables

Adding veggies to your meal is a must whether you order outside or while having home-cooked food. The maximum amount of nutrients and energy comes mainly from veggies. While ordering from outside, consider having vegetable dishes that are baked or steamed. Having a vegetable salad before starting a meal is also a great way of adding veggies to your system.

4. Fermented and Steamed Food

India has a wide range of steamed food to choose from. Steamed food is made by fermenting the rice that is ground well and steamed. The complex carbohydrates and proteins are broken down and made it simpler for the body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. Idlis, dosa are some examples of steamed food.

5. Prefer Roti or Chapathi Over Naan

Roti can be found in almost all restaurants as they are made of ingredients that are easily available and also taste delicious. They have a very low content of fat and saturated sugar. The base for the chapati or roti is a combination of multigrain such as wheat, jowar, bhajra, barley. It packs in a lot of nutrients to kickstart the day.

6. Pick Chana Masala

Chana masala helps in keeping the stomach full for a longer period and has high fiber content. It is a delicious side dish that goes perfectly well with chapatis, parathas, and pooris. You can order channa masala during any meal and can also consume it as a snack. They contain lots of carbs and proteins and also have a small quantity of fat.

7. Ask for Low-Fat Yogurt

While ordering from outside, most of the time the meal comes with full-fat yogurt. It is wise to be cautious to know the ingredients and the calories that come with the food. There are plenty of yogurt varieties and each variety has different content of saturated sugar in them. Always ask for low-fat yogurt as they are much lighter and have fewer calories.

8. Order Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi is a combination of potato and cauliflower with spices. It has a unique blend of flavors and contains a mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It is very easy to make and is rich in antioxidants and has various nutritional values. Having Aloo Gobi also helps in balancing the diet by adding healthy fats to the meal.

Ingredients To Look For In Outside Food

I’m sure people often get burdened with the number of varieties of food choices out there. And this COVID-19 virus has enforced us to take foods that enhance the immune system of the body to fight against the virus. The main nutrients that are required to improve the immune system are Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Zinc, Carotenoids, and Omega-3 Fatty acids.

With complex and different flavors, it might be difficult for you to choose the healthiest dish at restaurants that could give you the most health benefits. To make it simple for you we have narrowed the list of spices and ingredients to look for in top foods to boost your immune system during the crisis.


Curry, a staple food in India, has turmeric in it to add color and flavor to the curry. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is also very capable of fighting against deadly viruses and infections. It has been used since the very beginning of time in our country and has anti-inflammatory properties.


It has been used since ancient times and has a lot of medicinal value. Ginger can be fried, steamed, or even taken in its raw form. The extract of ginger is also widely used in various dishes and juices. The main compound of ginger called Gingerol is responsible for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also helps in boosting the immune system as well as prevent nausea and morning sickness.


Citrus fruits are an excellent source for providing immunity to the body. They have vitamin C which plays a major role in fighting against pathogens. Citrus consists of lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc., and they are fully loaded with the goodness of immune-boosting properties such as antioxidants. They also help in weight loss and getting rid of those unwanted fats in our bodies.


Broccoli is a powerhouse vegetable and is rich in Vitamin-A, Vitamin C, and iron. It helps in the formation of the immunity system as well as provides energy to the body for younger as well as older people. It can be added to leafy vegetables and fruits thereby increasing the nutritional value of the meal.

Red Bell Peppers

Red bell pepper is often used to improve the aesthetic of the dishes as they add a pop of color to the dish. Do you know they have a lot of immune-boosting properties in them? They contain a ton of Vitamin -A and Vitamin-C. They help in keeping the skin healthy as they have beta-carotene. Intake of a few grams of bell pepper can immensely improve the immune system of the body.


Garlic, an ingredient that can be found in almost any part of India, is an excellent source of nutrition as well as adds flavor to the dish. It is rich in minerals and also has a high content of Vitamin B6, manganese and, Vitamin C. It has been used since ancient times and has high medicinal values.

In today’s world, the necessity of eating outside has increased immensely. While ordering food outside we must be aware of the ingredients that go into the dish. If in doubt, it is okay to ask the waiter for additional information about the dish. You can also ask them to reduce the usage of oil and ghee and can also customize accordingly. It is better to eat boiled and steamed food rather than deep-fried and roasted food items.

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