What Are The Foods To Intake For Bone Health?

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Our human bodies function as a combination of various systems. The skeletal structure is one of these elements that is crucial in its function. The bones of the human body are the hoarding places for storing calcium and phosphorous. One of their major functions is to store these minerals and to supply them when needed. Another top responsibility of bones is to protect our vital organs from damage. With such significant roles bestowed upon it, it is a requisite to lead a healthy and active life.

There are some effective ways in which you can nourish and strengthen your bones. The key minerals that have a substantial effect on your bones include calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorous. Some other nutrients include protein, magnesium, and vitamin C. Each of these nutrients plays its part in supporting the formation and strengthening of our bones. People of all ages need calcium to maintain healthy bones but at varying levels. These nutrients need to be inducted into daily meals diligently.
Fine Fettle has the guiding steps to show you the importance and tips to include the said nutrients in your meals.

Calcium – Our bodies remove calcium from our bones in small quantities daily. This needs to be replenished through the calcium-rich food that we consume. This small change will make sure we maintain strong and sturdy teeth and bones. Calcium levels can be increased by increasing the consumption of food like

  • green leafy vegetables
  • dairy foods
  • nuts

Vitamin D – Although calcium intake is very important, if our bodies lack vitamin D then the calcium is of no good as it can’t be absorbed and put to use. One of the most abundant sources of vitamin D is the sun. A walk in the sun after sunrise every day can be a great way to incur a large portion of the necessary dose of vitamin D for the day. Vitamin D can be acquired from a variety of sources including

  • egg yolks
  • fatty fish
  • milk

Magnesium – For the healthy formation of teeth and bones we need to maintain a healthy level of magnesium through the food we eat. It is also known for helping with the metabolism of calcium and protein. Some great providers of this nutrient include

  • green leafy vegetables
  • pulses
  • nuts like almonds and walnuts
  • seeds
  • whole grains

Vitamin C – Including vitamin C in your diet can help strengthen bones. It is also helpful in the absorption of calcium by the body from food. Its immune-boosting properties can help in healing broken bones as well. Some of the well-known sources of vitamin C include

  • oranges
  • goose berry
  • lemon
  • tomatoes

Look out for risk factors

Avoid excessive intake of vitamin A or retinol which is the animal form of vitamin A. Old people and postmenopausal women should be careful of their daily levels of the consumption of retinol as it could lead to a bone disease called osteoporosis. Some foods that contain a lot of these components include liver and fish liver oil.

Some other risk factors include

  • people who have a family history of bone issues and diseases,
  • people who do not get much exposure to sunlight like people who live in old age homes,
  • women after menopause,
  • people who follow a vegan diet,
  • alcoholics, and smokers

These are the people who need to take extra care to keep up the health of their bones.
Quitting the habits that cause deterioration of bones can be the best way if you are an alcoholic or smoker. For people who cannot control the cause then supplying the body with the required level of necessary nutrition or consulting a medical expert can be the best way to protect your bone health.

Does bone health concern everyone?

Bone health is not just the concern of people who have a family history of bone diseases or just old people. Right from the development stage of a baby’s bones, it requires proper care to function at its best. It also cannot be cultivated in one day just like that. It needs daily attention and nourishment to develop into a strong source of minerals for our body. Therefore knowing what is required and following the simple tips to maintain and improve the strength of your bones is the ideal path to lasting bone health.

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