What are Signs of a Weak Immune System?

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When the Coronavirus first started to spread, one of the most effective ways people were first informed to protect them was – to maintain a healthy immune system. People have taken their immune systems for granted their whole lives and paid little to no attention. Once there was an absolute necessity, people started surfing to find the list of top foods to boost your immune system during COVID-19. They started finding and following ways to keep their immune systems at their best.

It is better to start late than never to take the right step towards good immunity, which can boost your health and wellness.

What Is An Immune System?

Our immune system involves white blood cells, antibodies, and lymph nodes. They are our soldiers that fight any alien or foreign body that might cause potential damage or harm to our body. They are naturally present in all human beings.

However, they might be fewer in number in some people due to genetic reasons or because of damage that occurred due to a disease like Coronavirus, viral hepatitis, HIV, etc. It makes the response of the immune system to any foreign organism delayed. This, in turn, makes it easier for the person to be affected by illnesses or infections.

Common Signs Of A Weak Immune System

The common signs that indicate a weak immune system includes :


People with a weak immune system are infected more frequently than others. An adult can be said to have a weak immune system if he/she

  • is either infected with ear infections more than four times a year, or
  • has chronic cases of sinusitis, or
  • develops pneumonia more than twice a year, or
  • needs two courses of antibiotics in one year

A child or infant with a weak immune system might show a delay in growth and development when compared to other children of their age.
Some conditions that people with low immunity are more susceptible to include meningitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and skin infections.

2. Healing process

When you experience a cut, bruise, or wound on your skin, immediately the healing process starts. The healing process takes place by sending nutrients that can help stop the blood or the regeneration of new and healthy skin. If there is any problem with the immune system, then the healing process is delayed or might not even happen in some cases.

3. Fatigue

Feeling exhausted and tired for no reason even after you have had a full night’s sleep could be an indicator of a weak immune system. The body might not be able to fight germs if it does not save energy. It causes you to feel like you do not have any energy, even though you are well-rested and have been following a good diet.

4. Dryness in the eyes

In some cases, you can experience dryness of the eyes where you feel like you have something in your eyes. It could also cause eyes to experience pain, redness, stringy discharge, and blurry vision.

5. Gut issues

A lot of good bacteria and microorganisms that defend your body from infections are located in your gut. They help get rid of germs and bad bacteria during the digestion process. They are the reason you can survive even though you eat a lot of food that contains germs and bacteria that could be very harmful and sometimes even detrimental to our health. When your immune system is not good enough, you might face a higher risk of issues like diarrhea, gas, or constipation.

6. Painful joints

When your body has a weak immune system, it tends to cause inflammation in the joints causes pain and the spots around it are tender to touch. The joints might feel stiffer than usual and might also become swollen.

7. Sensitivity to the Sun

Due to autoimmune disorders, the body, especially the skin, might become more sensitive to Ultraviolet rays, and this could be due to a condition called photodermatitis. It might result in rashes, blisters, scaly patches after being out in the sun. It might also cause nausea, headaches, and chills.

8. Sudden change in weight

If you notice that you have gained or lost weight for no identifiable reason, then it could be due to damage caused by an autoimmune disease that could have affected your thyroid glands.

A Word From Fine Fettle

Our immune system plays a vital part in keeping us safe. It protects us from various conditions that result in the decline of the health of our bodies. We can maintain a healthy immune system by following healthy diet & lifestyle. This, in turn, can safeguard our physical wellness. Fine Fettle has more information on top foods to boost your immune system during COVID-19 that can give you the best tips on keeping your immunity at its best.

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