Incredible Ways to Lose Belly Fat in Just 1 Month

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Just as we do for everything else in life, when it comes to questions related to health and fitness, we always turn to Google. Are you lured by those health tips and online ads assuring you to shed your belly fat and get a flat stomach? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people are spending countless hours and a substantial fortune to achieve a flat stomach.

Want to get rid of your belly fat quickly? Well, that’s not possible. No fairy dust that can be sprinkled to slay your belly fat. But wait, fret not. There are ways to shed your belly fat if you’re willing to make the effort. So, if you want to burn your belly fat and get fit, Fine Fettle brings you six evidence-inspired ways to lose belly fat naturally.

What is belly fat?

First things first. Before we talk about how to get rid of belly fat in one month, it’s more important that you know what it is we’re talking about. Belly fat refers to fat surrounding the abdomen. There are 2 types of belly fat – Visceral fat and Subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat refers to fat surrounding a person’s organs, whereas subcutaneous fat refers to fat present under the skin. Visceral fat is the most dangerous type of fat that pushes your stomach out from the inside and leads to dangerous health complications like heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and certain cancers.

Effective health tips to lose belly fat in one month

1. Get your diet in check

If you’re wondering how to lose belly fat without exercise, a healthy, balanced diet is your choice. It does not just help in reducing your belly fat, it also helps in improving your overall health. The best diet plan for losing belly fat can contain the following

  • Eat protein-rich foods like whole eggs, fish, legumes, nuts, meat, and dairy products
  • Fight fat with fat. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Consuming fat like fish oil is the best source of fat to lose belly fat.
  • Avoid sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks
  • Limit foods high in refined carbohydrates like white bread, white pasta, and white sugar
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  • Con2sume foods rich in dietary fibre like veggies, fruits, legumes, and grains
  • Increase intake of anti-inflammatory foods like fatty fish, healthy oils, nuts, and seeds.
  • Follow healthy snack habits. Put down the chips and cookies and have healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, seeds, and air-popped popcorn

2. Up the intensity of your exercise

To start your quest for a flat belly, begin with a simple, flexible exercise and increase the intensity later. Exercise is among the best things to reduce your belly fat. Combine your exercise with cardiovascular and high-intensity training for more effective results. Aerobic exercises like walking, running, and swimming is some of the best exercises to lose belly fat. Besides these exercises, flat planks are another most effective move that works every muscle in the body.

3. De-stress yourself

Stress increases the cortisol levels in your body. This, in turn, forces your body to store fat in the belly region. To manage stress, you can practice stress-relieving tactics like yoga, meditation, exercising, and relaxing by spending time with your friends and family. You can also talk to a counsellor or therapist.

4. Get quality sleep

In addition to all the above tactics, ensure that you get a solid 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep every night, and watch the belly fat disappear faster. Sleep deprivation also wreaks havoc on your metabolism. Insufficient sleep increases hunger, emotional eating, insulin resistance, and ultimately the accumulation of belly fat. If you’re not used to sound sleep, one of the quick health tips is to stick to a regular bedtime and switch off all the lights. Because Melatonin a sleep hormone that helps in promoting better sleep is produced only in the dark.

5. Stop doing crunches

Do you think 100 crunches or 200 sit-ups every day will give you a flat tummy? Well, definitely not. Crunches will just strengthen your abdominal muscles, but won’t help in reducing your belly fat. Moreover, crunches will just leave you with a sore stomach and can cause lower back pain. Instead of doing crunches, try combining HIIT and cardio exercises like running, rowing, star jumps, mountain climbers, and more to burn calories and burn belly fat. These exercises, when done at 4 to 5 times a week, can show significant results.

6. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle is as important as what you eat and what you do. Forget about losing your belly fat if you consume alcohol daily. Smoking is another risk factor that causes belly fat. Quit smoking to reduce your excess abdominal fat, as well as improve your overall health. Recent research has proved that people get motivated to eat better and exercise more if they hang out with health-focused friends and family members.

So, is it really possible to reduce your belly fat in a month?

30 days might seem like a really short period, but a lot can happen in a month. By following the above Fine Fettle tips, you may lose up to 5 kgs in a month. Always remember, your weight loss will depend on your commitment to a balanced diet and exercise plan. The key to losing belly fat in a month is to increase your workouts every week. Even if you don’t feel stronger, incrementally increase the intensity of your workouts, and you will soon see results.

Utilize this lockdown period to stay home, tone up, and do your best to dodge belly fat and get fit.

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