About Me

I’m a Blogger

Hi! I’m Raisa Dinesh, a health, fitness, and lifestyle blogger by passion and a full-time homemaker by choice. Writing is not something I ever thought I’d be doing. But, that’s how life works. My journey towards writing started within a year of marriage once I had my first son. It wasn’t until many years into freelance writing that I realized I could start a blog, my long time dream. Having written more than 500 articles in various niches, I was obsessed with health and fitness.

As a mom of two, I started researching to find answers for my health struggles, which turned into this health and fitness blog – Fine Fettle. My passion for health and humanitarian nature became a part of my profession making me a full-time Blogger and Writer. I believe that everyone has the right to good health and fitness. I hope that my writing will in some way, no matter how small, positively impact the way people live their lives.

About Fine Fettle

Fine Fettle is a contemporary health and fitness blog that provides information on the latest trends, health, fitness, lifestyle, healthy recipes, and much more encouraging people to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for information about a health condition, a diet plan, or some lifestyle tips, you’ve come to the right place. The main objective of this blog is to help all people live healthier and happier lives and the tagline (Celebrating Health) says it all.

This blog is dedicated to you, for you! Read my blog posts and feel free to share your thoughts.

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